math quiz

The impossible quiz This math test is simply the impossible quiz for most people,their answer is wrong. what is right answer?
1+5=12,2+10=24 what is 5+25 In this math quiz 1+5 =12,2+10=24,3+15=36 what is 5+25 ,if you have an answer comment it.
1112=25,1112=36 what is 1117 If 1112=25, 1113=36 1115=58 what is 1117 ,look at this cool math quiz and try to find right answer.
9=72,8=56 what is 5 In this math quiz 9=72,8=57,7=42,6=30, what is 5?
Math playground thinking blocks Look at this math playground thinking blocks,in each block you can see numbers except one ,what number is hidden in “?” marked block?
Math playground multiplication Look at this Math playground multiplication interesting IQ quiz and find the right answer if you are a genius.
C00l math This math IQ test is called as C00l math ,look at this numbers each second number is received from previous number,with using some math logic.Find the logic and ask the question wh [...]
What is the answer After this math manipulations ,find what is the right answer
Find the missed number In this math sequence one number is missed, you have to find logical math connection between numbers and find missed number.