Math Playground

True or false In this math game you have to answer math questions quickly and correctly,this game will improve your math addition,subtraction ,multiplication and division knowledge,each new leve [...]
Next total war game In this next total war game you can test your soldier fighting skills ,you have to quickly receive decisions and shoot your enemies .You can change guns and you must recharge it,al [...]
Tomi and Jerry Everyone loves famous Walt Disney’s cartoon Tom and Jerry ,in this game Jerry has another mission he must activate all of the blocks ,but he has to avoid meeting with Tomi ca [...]
Pumpkin chunkin game In this Pumpkin chunkin game your goal is to hurling pumpkin as far as possible to reach exit point.You can use special circle ,rectangle or other tools for it.If you organize pump [...]
Free the bee In math world bees are trapped in bubbles, your goal is to free them and bring the bees at home,You are travelling in 3D math world ,but you can move only 2D ,left or right or jump [...]
Honey collector Your main goal in this math game is to collect honey without loosing it, bees make honey it is tasty and cost very expensive so you must find good solution how to get all honey int [...]
Defense a skeleton Defense a skeleton is math thinking game that needs smart and logical thinking,you have to defense skeleton from hero attackers,if you find your enemies weak points you will defeat [...]
Cutter 2 This is math thinking game ,you have to find a way how to send yellow sun in to tho black hole,you have only saw and you have to cut ropes ,but you have to think before cutting you [...]
Baloon math In this math game you have to stick math baloons ,each baloon has it’s own number you have to stick from lowest to highest.
Rolling tasks Rolling tasks is math thinking puzzle game.With rolling ball you have to push away all bad guys.You have to find good moment for rolling ball and cut the rope.If trajectory is good [...]